Bike Booking from Howrah Railway Station instantly online

For bikers who want to book their motorcycles as parcel in train – they now have a simple easy solution via .

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For more information on bike booking in Indian railways please review the details below :

You can book your bike as parcel in train is two ways.
1) As parcel: book in advance it will take its own time to reach, no ticket required.(Between 3 to 7days)
2) Along with ticket: if you traveling in same train, you can take your motorcycle with you. Bit costly and quicker compare to first one. (Comes along with you in same train)

For both types of parcel you need to make sure petrol tank is empty and pack the bike with Gunny bag before submitting to the railways. Mention source and destination places on piece of cardboard, which should be clear and visible. Fill the application along with source and destination address, make of vehicle, registration number, weight of vehicle, cost of vehicle etc. Your motorbike can be transferred via railways instantly and securely via – and their online system.

As Parcel without ticket, you need to book in parcel office timings that’s between 9AM to 5PM. And taking delivery also in Parcel office working hours. They charge less compared to Parcel along with ticket. But it might take anytime between 3-7 days.

Along with ticket is 2nd option, where you need to do parcel booking option 2-3 hours in advance to your train’s actual departure time. Show the ticket and book the bike. They send the bike along with you (Parcel wagon) in same train. You need to make sure whether the bike is loaded in parcel wagon and placed in good position. Its not compulsory but to be on safe side, you need to pay Rs. 30-50/- to porter and make sure its loaded. If you go one hour early to departure you can check yourself.

Documents needed for booking the bike.
Bike Registration Certificate in Xerox & train ticket Copy. Some times they may ask you License for identity proof.

And one Important thing which I learnt from my trip. Owner of the Bike (on whoms name the bike registered) and person who traveling Name should be same. Railway people check the RC copy and train ticket copy. I have taken my cousins bike, while going I didn’t have any issues, but while coming back I’ve seen the hell. Waited for 4 hours begging them to book the bike. At last d paid 600/- extra as bribe and booked the bike.


From Hyderabad to Delhi (1650Kms), they charged 1750/- + packing charges 150/-
From Jammu to Warangal (2400Kms) they charged 2000/- + packing charges 200/-

You need to mention the value of the bike while booking. based on that they charge some nominal insurance from you its part of the parcel cost. More amount you mention as bike value, more you need to pay. In case of lost of your bike, you can claim. To avoid damages you need Pack it carefully.

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